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Inspired in the Japanese bento (home packed lunches) and very similar to the Azuma Bukuro bags.

This is such a versatile bag made to replace plastic bags and its uses are practically endless:

– Knitting yarn bag
– Good choice for farmers’ markets or outdoor lunches.
– To storage any kind of grains, rice, nuts, vegetables or bread.
– An original way to wrap a gift. Produce/bulk groceries
– Cosmetics/toiletries
– Small items during travel

This bag is a medium size and can perfectly store from a small to a medium knitting wips (two skeins projects). Has a boxed bottom.

Packaging details: I ship without plastic and encourage buyers to recycle or reuse packaging materials. All my project bags are carefully packaged and ready to be given as a gift if you wish 😉

Additional information


Pink, beige, black

Fabric information

Origin. Japan. Medium light linen. Very resistant and durable. It is interfaced with woven to give it a lovely feel and a bit of rigidity.

Care instructions

Wash cold by hand


11" (height) x 12" (width) x 3" (depth)
27cm (alto) x 31cm (ancho) x 8cm

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