Daisy Hand Dyed Pouch


This bag is handmade by me with a lot of love! The inside linen was hand dyed by me with turmeric, using the soya milk method for mordanting (slide to the right to see pictures of the process)

As a knitter I use it to keep my printed patters and tools organized when on the go. I like to carry it with my smallest knitting projectsand store in it the knitting pattern, needles, scissors, ruler, stitch markers, etc.

I made it specially for knitters or crocheters but it can be used as well as for:
– Cosmetics/toiletries
– Small items during travel

This bag was sewed with straight bottom (not squared off).

Packaging details: I ship without plastic and encourage buyers to recycle or reuse packaging materials. All my project bags are carefully packaged and ready to be given as a gift if you wish 😉

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