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This bag is handmade by me with a lot of love!

The beautiful part of handmade items are the little details that reminds us that it is that, handmade! In this case, I made a couple of mistakes that unfortunately, are shown on the inside of the fabric.

There is a slight error with an area of two cm of the inside stitching right next to the zipper *check the pictures and on the inside bottom of the bag. Therefore, I am offering this bag at a discount.

– – –

As a knitter I use to keep my WIPS safe. This bag is a small size and can store a one or two skein projects (socks, small shawls, etc). Has a boxed bottom.

I made it specially for knitters or crocheters but it can be used as well as:
– Knitting yarn bag
– Cosmetics/toiletries
– Small items during travel

Additional information


Green, blue, yellow and red inside and zipper.


7.5" (height) x 9.30" (width) x 3" (depth)
20cm (alto) x 25cm (ancho) x 8cm

Fabric information

Origin. Japan. Medium light linen. Very resistant and durable. It is interfaced with woven to give it a lovely feel and a bit of rigidity.

Care Instructions

Wash cold by hand

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