Hola! My name is Raquel Francia and I make things for people that make things so I can keep making things 😉

I live in Barcelona with my husband and three crazy cats. I am interested in knitting, carving, sewing, natural dyeing, drawing, pottery and gardening.

I make and sell project bags for other creative minds for this reasons

1) Help others: To provide other knitters and colorful minds to make the process of creating somehow easer. All my bags are handmade with the objective of making you happy, so you can keep your materials safe (knitting items or pencils or other materials, no matter which art are you in!)

2) Self sustaining: I want to create a self sustaining circle, that means, make money from my creative side and use that money to feed my circle of creative interestes and make it bigger and bigger. With each purchase I am able to purchase books and materials to play with, create more and learn new techniques and arts.

Thank you so much for support this creative space ❤





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